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I am an author, speaker, workshop presenter and grief counselor. I call myself the Wisdom Weaver. I assist people in encapsulating their insights, wisdom, values, beliefs and blessings in a letter format. These letters include what we've learned in life so far? What got us through the tough times? Our epiphanies, who our mentors were and how they've informed our lives?

Our histories matter. They've formulated the person we are today. They hold treasures that, when shared, can change lives.

My book, Wisdom Under the Bridge: the Prophets from Skid Row, is a collection of legacy letters from Skid Row in Portland, Oregon. There are 12 prophets from the streets and 6 area advocates for the homeless featured in the book. Plus, there is a chapter on How to Write Your Own Legacy Letter complete with template at the back of the book.

I offer talks and workshops on Wisdom Weaver Legacy Letter writing and also, Compassion Fatigue, a syndrome caregivers often endure, which mimics burnout, but is caused by giving too much of ourselves away in the service of others.We can learn to identify symptoms and overcome them by learning self-care techniques. For information and bookings contact me at: 503.267.7550.

I've spoken at the following assisted living/ retirement facilities: Avamere, Emeritus, Mary's Woods, Winfield, the Springs at Carmen Oaks, Windfield, Marylhurst University's Psychological Association, Central City Concern, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (Clackamas, Multnomah Counties), and more. References available upon request.

I hold an A.A. degree in Mental Health, a B.A. degree in Social Science, and a M.A. Degree in Applied Theology. I am a nationally certified Thanatologist (death, dying and bereavement counselor and educator) through the Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).


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