Grief is Layered

by Linda Ross Swanson on July 25th, 2012

Everyone endures their own unique expression of grief as we are each individual, unrepeatable human beings. We never fully recover from the loss of our loved one, the pain lessens, the sharpness dulls but it remains alive at our core. Sometimes another loss in our life reopens these old wounds and we grieve anew. Someone once equated it with a virus that lives under the surface like shingles, and then when our resistence is down, we experience another death, something reminds us of our loved one, the grief "virus" surfaces and our woundedness must be dealt with again. I tell my clients that grief comes in layers and there is always more to peel away. It's important to keep enduring connections with those people in our lives that we were so attached to--make a place in our hearts where their spirits remain alive and where we can continue to commune with them. There is continuity and a spiritual connection for as long as we live.

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