Nationally Certified Grief Counselor & Educator

During my graduate studie in Theology, I encountered the ancient Jewish tradition of an ethical will and immediately recognized its application, not only for grief work, but for building self-esteem and leaving a lasting legacy of one's life. I began to assist people in memorializing their life experiences and wisdom in meaningful and lasting ways by writing Legacy Letters. I call myself The Wisdom Weaver. I offer Free talks on Legacy Letter writing for the opportunity to sell my book, Wisdom Under the Bridge: the Prophets from Skid Row. And, I conduct 3-hour Wisdom Weaver Workshops which give folks a jump-start on their legacy letters.

I am a person seeking the gifts in adversity, attempting to combine compassion with curiosity; and spiritual experience with practice. I find projecting and prophesizing distasteful. I detest following rules that don't make sense to me. There are many sides to every issue and thus I believe the middle path is the most conscious. I love originality and creativity in all forms.I believe in Radical Empathy.

I am a recovering alcoholic of 25 years. I have 2 alcoholic brothers who lived on and off the streets for years, and my mother endured mental illness. Thus, I have a soft spot in my heart for the homeless, poor, alcoholic, addicted, mentally ill; and, also for the elderly. Aging adults hold a library of wisdom just waiting to be gleaned. We are all stories waiting to be told.

. Learn more about my workshops on the SERVICES Page. The book is available for purchase on the Book page, but also at in paperback and Kindle editions. Most bookstores carry it or can order it as well.